“You get what you pay for.” Remember that old saying? Well, if the Bondo is showing on your auto bodywork, then maybe you should have chosen Evercoat Rage Extreme body filler instead. Rage Xtreme filler is a truly pinhole-free premium body filler. Its unique, technically advanced formula is self-leveling for easy spreading and reduced sanding time. Plus, it contains Evercoat’s patented ZNX-7 that provides quick, superior adhesion to galvanized steel and aluminum. You can sand easily with 80-grit sandpaper and eliminate the risk of pulling back the featheredge and having to reapply the filler. Improve the finish of your bodywork, reduce the chances of repair mapping, comebacks, and redos, and save time and materials with Rage Xtreme lightweight body filler from Evercoat.



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