The Evercoat Kitty Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Reinforced Body Filler is a waterproof and rustproof long strand fiberglass reinforced body filler that helps in rebuilding fiberglass that shatters as a result of a collision. The body filler can also bridge the damage caused in torn or rusted sheet metal areas. The filler is twice as strong as other regular body fillers.

The long strand fibers make it a perfect choice for waterproof repairs. The long strands of this fiberglass filler allow you to spread conveniently and shape your work even when working on vertical surfaces. The reinforced fiberglass filler is compatible with all paints and conceals repairs to keep them hidden from view. The filler comes with a blue cream hardener.

What advantage does a fiberglass filler have over regular body filler?

  • The fiberglass filler comes with interlocking fiberglass fiber strands that provide more strength
  • Use the fiberglass filler to fill broken fiberglass parts or rusted-out holes
  • Long strands give better consistency and work on vertical surfaces as well

How to use the fiberglass filler:

  • Clean the repair area and sand surface to remove all traces of rust, primer or paint
  • Spread a thin layer initially to ensure maximum adhesion
  • Build layers for better durability
  • Apply primer coats and then sand with a 320 grit paper
  • Paint as desired

Blue cream hardener included


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