Matte Clear Rev. 06/2017 Product: Paint gun tip: 1.4 2200-1 Matte Clear Mixing: 4:1 only with any of the following activators: 2102-4 Medium 2103-4 Slow 2104-4 Very Slow Precaution: the flattener will settle in the bottom of the can so make sure you spend the proper amount of time with the paint stick to mix the product very well or you will ruin the gallon. Do not use fast activator or urethane reducer. Description: SPI Matte Clear is a premium grade polyurethane clear which out of the can is about 95% flat and will match most new car matte claddings. Advanced: Only if needed the flatness may be adjusted by mixing other SPI clears that are preactivated then combined with pre-activated SPI Matte Clear to produce the gloss you desire. If Matte Clear is not flat enough for your needs, you can add additional SPI Flattener #950-4 to make it flatter. TEST FIRST and let dry for proper flatness. Actual flatness may not start showing up for an hour or two after you spray the Matte Clear and total flattening results will occur in 6-12 hours so it’s always very important to do a sample spray out and view the results the next morning. Preparation: When spraying Matte Clear over a basecoat, the base should sit at least an hour so the base solvents do not interfere with the Matte Clear. When using Matte Clear over a single stage paint, the paint must sit 4 hours to overnight before spraying the Matte Clear. Application: Spray one medium-wet or wet coat with 50% overlap with the proper gun adjustment and application and the Matte Clear should be lay orange peel free. When spraying this product simply pretend you are spraying clear. Very important: Once the first coat has been sprayed, note the time and wait exactly 30 minutes before applying the second coat. Don’t spray a third coat. Depending on temperature and humidity, you may see the gloss starting to fade in about 60 minutes but here again actual gloss/flatness will be best measured the next day. This product cannot be buffed or waxed without affecting the gloss level and possibly destroying the paint finish.


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